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Poignant story about ageing, Alzheimer’s disease and elder care.

Year: 2011

Duration: 89 minutes

Genre: Drama

Classification: M

Writer: Rosanna Cecchini, Ignacio Ferreras, Paco Roca & Ángel de la Cruz

Producer: Enrique Aguirrezabala, Manuel Cristóbal & Oriol Ivern

Director: Ignacio Ferreras

Cast: Martin Sheen, Matthew Modine & George Coe

Martin Sheen (The West Wing, The Departed), Matthew Modine (The Dark Knight Rises, Weeds), and George Coe (Funny People, Archer) lead a cast of eccentric characters in this wonderfully animated and poignant story about ageing, Alzheimer’s disease and elder care. Using hand-drawn animation, Wrinkles moves freely between the characters’ drabdaily routines and their more colourful, often dementia-influenced fantasies, leaving plenty of room for both tears and laughter as the film explores themes of friendship and family, love and loss.