Wide Open Sky


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Wide Open Sky

Little Voices, Big Dreams.

Year: 2015

Duration: 97 minutes

Genre: Documentary

Classification: Check the classification

Writer: Lisa Nicol

Producer: Lisa Nicol

Director: Lisa Nicol

Winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Sydney Film Festival, Wide Open Sky is the uplifting story of a children’s choir in outback NSW. In this remote corner of the state, footy is king and music education is rare as rain. Determined to see the children reach their potential, the choir’s passionate and driven artistic director, Michelle Leonard, strives to open up their world through music. Wide Open Sky takes us into the lives of Kyh, Mack, Opal and Taylah, four brave and hopeful primary school children who travel far from home to music camp to prepare for the choir’s big concert. They have just three days to learn a demanding repertoire. Set against a stunning landscape and featuring music by acclaimed band Dirty Three, Wide Open Sky is a funny, heartwarming snapshot of childhood in rural Australia. These little voices have big dreams, and this film reminds us why no child, anywhere, should grow up without music.