Come Back Anytime – Ramen Documentary


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Come Back Anytime Poster - Chef Cooking Ramen in Kitchen

Come Back Anytime – Ramen Documentary

A documentary about a man who created a community in Tokyo, one bowl of ramen at a time.

Year: 2021

Duration: 81 minutes

Genre: Documentary - Food

Classification: PG

Writer: John Daschbach

Producer: Wataru Yamamoto

Director: John Daschbach

Come Back Anytime presents a window into the lives of self-taught Japanese ramen master Masamoto Ueda and his wife Kazuko, who have run their tiny Tokyo ramen shop, 'Bizentei' for more than 40 years. Ueda serves his legendary ramen to scores of devoted customers who have joined him over the decades in making the restaurant an intimate place of community. For Ueda, it’s more than just a livelihood, it's his life, and his die-hard regulars are more than just customers, but true friends.